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Automatic Components
Cutting Machine [ACCM]

ACCM Automatic Components Cutting Machine  

The ACCM is designed for the automatic cutting and/or Grinding of components composed of Optical Glass, Ferrite, Quartz, Barium Titanate, Ceramic Materials as well as Aluminum Oxides, Silicon Carbides and various other Compositions.

The ACCM is specifically designed to automatically cut and/or grind above materials in high volume while maintaining maximum precision levels.

For operator safety the ACCM is equipped with a particle suction unit to maintain a healthy environment both inside the machine as well as in it's surroundings.


  • Specially designed for cutting and grinding of
    non-metallic materials.
  • Economical for low and high volume production.
  • Can operate at a wide range of peripheral speeds necessary for the typical machining for glass and ceramics.


ACCM Automatic Components Cutting Machine   ACCM Automatic Components Cutting Machine   ACCM Automatic Components Cutting Machine   ACCM Automatic Components Cutting Machine
The 3 axis of the ACCM are easily
programmed using the control unit's
touchscreen panel.
  The ACCM can be equipped with either a single or multiple blades for automatic cutting operations or with a diamond cup wheel for precision grinding.        
  Technical Specifications:  
Control Unit: CNC - 3 axis
Diamond Blade Diameters: from 125 mm - 400 mm
Blade Bore Standard 32 mm or 40 mm
Blade Flanges Depending on Blade Diameter
Spindle Diameters 32 mm or 40 mm
Other Spindle Diameters: upon request
Spindle Length for mounting multiple blades: 254 mm
Spindle Motor: 5.5 KW - 3000 RPM
  400 VAC/50Hz/3 ph + pe/32A or
  480 VAC/60Hz/3 ph + pe/32A
Spindle Speeds: from 1100 up to 7800 RPM
Special motors & RPM ranges: On request both for Very High and for Very Low RPM's
  Depending on Single Blade or Multi Blade application
Product Table Dimensions (L x W): 508 x 508 mm
Threaded Hole Pattern in Product Table for Fastening a Product Carrier: On request
Max. Distance between Spindle Axis and Product Table: 400 mm
Spindle Head Movements Z Axis: 200 mm
X Axis: 600 mm
Product Table Movement Y Axis: 600 mm
Product Table Speeds Programmable: from 5 up 2000 mm/min
Spindle Head Steps Programmable: from 0,001mm up to 400 mm
Tolerances on movements: 10 micron
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 1600 x 2000 x 2300 mm
Electric Cabinet (L x W x H): 800 x 500 x 1900 mm
Total Weight incl. Cabinet: 3800 kg
Weight excl. Cabinet: 3000 kg
Weight Cabinet: 800 kg

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