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ATCM Automatic Tube Cutting Machine

  Separate Tube Cutting System [STCS]

The optional STCS Tube Clamping & Indexing System is designed for the cutting of tubes and rods with larger OD's and longer lengths while maintaining the ability to cut these products in mass production quantities

The F-STCS (Flexible Seperate Tube Cutting System) on the ATCM allows to cut Tubes and Rods in Diameter up to 50 mm. The F-STCS is specially designed to cut larger OD Tube and Rod Material with a High Quality Finish. The Unit allows to cut Tubes and Rods on an automatic machine where normally these producs could only be cut by hand. Large OD, Thin Wall Products can be cut with very low reject rates.

The low reject rates are made possible by the virtually Stress Free Tube Clamping. Also Large OD Material with a long Cutting Length (Product Length) of up to 400 mm can be cut on the ATCM F-STCS. The innovative F-STCS (Flexible Seperate Tube Cutting System) can be retrofitted on an existing ATCM or be supplied on a new ATCM.

The additional benefit of the ATCM with F-STCS is that it includes a new system that reduces waist material as it will allow to cut end pieces of 20 mm for Long Tube Cutting.


  • Most effective system for Cutting Tubes and Rods
    in High Volume
  • Excellent edge finishes
  • Easy to operate with low maintenance
  Technical Specifications:  
Control Unit: PLC: Saia or SEW
Cutting Capacity  
Tube Diameter1): Ø20 - 50 mm
Initial Tube Length: up to 2300 mm
Cutting Length: 20 - 400 mm
Cutting Length Tolerance2): +/- 0,05 mm
Cutting Blade  
Motor Capacity: 4kW
Voltage: 400V - 50 Hz - 3 ph + n + pe
Cutting Blade Diameter: 400 mm
Cutting Blade Bore: 60 H7 mm
Cutting Blade Flanges: with integrated cooling
Spindle: Belt driven, mounted in precision bearings
Spindle speed: Infinitely variable 1.200 - 3.000 RPM
Cutting Movement: Servo motor
Tube Supply: Servo motor
Protection against: Overload of motors, Air failure, Water supply failure
Cooling Fluid: Pure water, no additive
Compressed Air Pressure: 6 bar
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.550 x 1.600 x 2.200 mm
Total Weight: 2200 kg
  1) Larger Dimensions upon request 2) Depending on the quality of the tube or rod material  

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