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  Precision Cutting Machine [PCM400]

The PCM400 has been specifically designed for Manual Precision Wet Cutting of a wide range of materials.

The Heavy and Rigid Frame Structure and the Unique Spindle Assembly result in a very precise cutting movement, Frame Stiffness and concequently virtually No Vibrations during the Cutting Process.

Stainless Steel is used for the large steel surfaces exposed to coolant fluids (H2O) for Ease of Maintenance and Rust Prevention.

Modular Design

The Modular Design of the Machine allows for easy adaptation to Customer Requirements. Options include Special Clamping Devices, Air Filtration Units, (Semi) Automatic Table Movement and Stainless Steel Hoods.


  • Excellent edge finishes
  • Easy to operate with low maintenance costs
  • Easy operator access
  • Highly adaptable to customer requirements
Over the years PTC has designed & manufactured many different
Special Clamping Systems for the PCM
  The PCM400 can easily be fitted with options such
as stainless steel hoods.
Technical Specifications:  
Cutting Table Dimensions (L x W): 630 x 600 mm
Cutting Table Stroke: 660 mm
Cutting Blade Motor: 4 kW
Voltage: 400V/50Hz/3ph
Cutting Blade Diameter: 400 mm
Cutting Blade Bore: 20 mm H7
Cutting Blade Flange Diameter: 150 mm
Spindle: Direct drive, mounted in precision bearings
Spindle Rotating Speed: 2300 rpm
Dimensions (L x W x H): 1700 x 900 x1850 mm
Weight: 580 kg

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