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Optical Fiber Equipment
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Optical Fiber Drawing Tower   High Speed Optical Fiber Drumwinders

Drawing Towers [OFDT]

These Double Sided Draw Towers have been designed for supporting large Preform Feed Units and allowing a very accurate Alignment of the Process Components on either side of the Draw Tower Structure.


High Speed Drumwinders

Drumwinder designed for High Speed Drawing. The rigid construction avoids introduction of vibrations into the fiber.
Winding configuration is programmable.

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High Speed Capstan Unit   Preform Feed Unit

High Speed Capstan Units

The Capstan Unit is a zero vibration design for high speed drawing (2000 m/min and up). The dynamically balanced capstan wheel mounted on a high precision bearing spindle results in a high quality fiber.


Preform Feed Units

High Precision Preform Units with a variable speed range of 0,1 mm per minute up to 200 mm per minute. The Unit allows for a constant low infeed speed without slip-stick symptoms.

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High Speed Screen/Proof Tester   Preform Cutting Machine

Screen (Proof) Testers

For High Speed Screen/Proof Testing of Optical Fiber at Speeds in excess of 2000 m/min.


Preform Cutting Machines

The PCM is a precision cutting machine designed for the cutting of optical fiber preforms with diameters ranging from 80 mm up to 160 mm and initial lengths of max. 1.300 mm.

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