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Automatic Tube & Rod Cutting System [ATCM]

The ATCM is designed for the Automatic Cutting of Tubes and Rods made of Glass, Quartz, Pyrex and other hard materials with Diameters ranging from 1,5 mm up to 30 mm and initial lengths up to 3 meters. The ATCM has been designed for around the clock operations.

It is designed for around the clock operations. For ease of maintenance and rust prevention, stainless steel is used for the large steel surfaces exposed to coolant fluids (H20).

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Automatic Unloading Unit [AUL]

Operating in line with the ATCM, the AUL Unit fully automatic collects cut pieces of tube or rod material from the ATCM in stainless steel baskets.


Washing & Drying Unit [WDU]

The Washing and Drying unit is designed for the Washing and Drying of Glass and Quartz parts for the removal of the sawing sludge and any additional dirt which was present on the Tube prior to the Cutting Process.

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Tube Cutting Unit [HCU]

The HCU is a Semi-Automatic or Automatic Cutting Unit for Tubes and Rods made of Glass, Quartz, Pyrex and other hard materials with Diameters ranging from 6 mm up to 30 mm.


Separate Tube Cutting System [STCS]

The optional STCS Tube Clamping & Indexing System for the ATCM is designed for the cutting of tubes and rods with larger OD's and longer lengths while maintaining the ability to cut these products in mass production quantities.

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Specialty Diamond Blades

PTC is a system manufacturer. Diamond Blades that are supplied with the cutting machine are specifically designed to work seamlessly with the equipment in order to take full advantage of both their potential.


Tube & Rod Handling Equipment

Various Tube & Rod Handling and Buffering Systems for Inspection Purposes or Workflow Optimization.


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